A New Breed Of Zombies: “Zombieland Double Tap”

The Zombieland films have been popular for their presentation of their own bizarre and darkly comic version of the undead apocalypse, complete with their own rules and limits for their version of the hordes. But, in Zombieland: Double Tap, the zombies are given a little bit of variety, with their own strengths or weaknesses, that have sprung up since the events of the first film.

The New Breeds of Zombies

The first breeds are the Homers. Named after the dimwitted Homer from “The Simpsons”, these kinds of zombies are notoriously slow and stupid. They’re easily distracted and comically inept. These zombies are the easiest to dispatch. Only a handful appear throughout the movie, always in the form of comic relief.

The next are the Hawkings. They are the opposite of the Homers, and theoretically one of the more dangerous forms of zombies. Although they have all the speed, strength and durability of the normal zombie, they also retain a certain amount of their problem-solving skills. That’s why these zombies are named after the famed physicist, Stephen Hawking. In other words, these zombies are clever.

Then there are the Ninjas. Like the Hawkings, Ninjas are relatively underutilized, but one of the most terrifying forms of zombies. Ninjas are described as stealthy creatures, relying on dark rooms and hidden corners to surprise their targets. Like their namesake, they move quietly but quickly.

And the most frequent new form of zombie in the film is the T-800. Named after the cybernetic Terminators from the film of the same name, the T-800s are very durable zombies, with fast enough reaction times to be able to dodge point-blank gunfire.

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