The Different Between An Impact Driver vs. Powered Screwdriver

Electronic screwdrivers like powered screwdrivers and impact drivers are very common and popular for those who are working inside their shop. But for expert craftsmen, there is no all in one tool. Each tool has its specific use and specialty.

We can see people are using either one or both the impact driver or the powered screwdriver. But what is the difference between the two? Why do most people would have both of them, and why do some would only choose one? Here are some of the reasons for that.

The difference in torque power and speed

Impact drivers have a higher torque power compared to powered screwdrivers. Powered screwdrivers could not drive the entire screw-down towards the tip. The impact drivers can quickly drive the crew down to its last point. That is because the impact screwdriver has a jackhammer kind of motion, driving the screw down to the platform.

Another difference is speed. The powered screwdriver can only take up the notch up to the middle at a slower rate. The Impact driver can bring the entire screw down through the wood with incredible speed.

The difference in efficiency and convenience

We can say that powered screwdrivers are convenient in terms of being portable, lightweight, and easy to use. But when it comes to efficiency and time, impact drivers are more convenient. Because it’s quick and powerful, it can do the work faster and with ease. Today, we now have impact drivers that are portable and lightweight, yet it’s still powerful and effective.

The difference in battery power

If it’s portable, then it has to have a battery. Both the powered screwdrivers and impact drivers now have batteries. But if you can notice the battery label of each tool, you will see that the AH of the impact driver is bigger or higher than the powered screwdrivers.                   

Voting For Bigg Boss Tamil: How It Works

If you are quite the fan of some of the reality hit TV shows aired, then you would know how the whole thing probably works. But if you are just beginning to love the concept of reality shows through this very popular show Bigg Boss Tamil, then you should know more about the mechanics of the show and how the whole elimination process takes place. That way, you would be able to better appreciate and enjoy this show especially now that it is on its 3rd season already.

Big Boss Tamil involves the participation of several Indian celebrities and they will be expected to live in one roof and practically live lives like any other normal and ordinary person. It basically follows the concept and idea that of Big Brother reality show. So, if you know a thing or two about Big Brother reality show, then that’s who the whole format works for Bigg Boss Tamil.

Voting process:
Each of the participant celebrities will have their respective Bigg Boss Tamil vote corresponding who they think should be part of the elimination process. The elimination process is done weekly and the result of which would emanate from the said votes cast by the said participants.

Whoever belongs to the top 4 who have garnered to most votes for the elimination will be nominees for the eviction process.

But this is the fun part. Viewers can help save their favorite participant celebrities by voting by making a vote as to who they think should be saved in the elimination. They can do so in two ways:

  • Online vote

They have to go online in the Bigg Boss Tamil site and literally choose the one who they think should be saved.

  • Missed call

Each of the participant celebrities has their corresponding numbers where viewers can miss call to. Whoever garners the highest missed calls will be saved.